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Star Wars: How to Speak Wookiee

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From the Publisher:

Star Wars: How to Speak Wookiee. A Manual for Intergalactic Communication

Everyone's been there you re playing holo chess with a Wookiee, and things get out of hand. You've done something to offend him, but you don't know what. How can you defuse the situation? Better yet, how can you make sure you never end up there again?

With intergalactic travel easier than ever, Wookiees can now be found on nearly every planet in the galaxy and on starships everywhere in between.

This helpful guide teaches citizens of the galaxy key phrases in the Wookiee language, eliminating near-fatal encounters with notoriously short-tempered Wookiees while smoothing the way to lasting partnerships and friendships.

The handy sound module recorded by Chewbacca himself! demonstrates proper pronunciation of ten key phrases.

About the Authors
Wu Kee Smith is an expert of the Wookie language and culture. He is the author of the Galactic News best-selling book The Wookiee in the Tree. He splits his time between San Francisco, California, and Kashyyyk.
JAKe was born in Hull, England, but was raised by Wookiees from a young age. He speaks the Wookiee language fluently, but with a strong northern accent. He now lives and works in London, and would never use a cheap Jedi mind-trick to make you visit

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Recommended for ages 3 years and older.
Battery replacement.

Customer Reviews
A: Neatorama
Guaranteed to be hours of fun for you and/or your kid

B: EarlyWord
I can't stop playing with it.

I bought this book for my brother, who is 35, for Christmas this past year and when it came in the mail I literally sat and played with it for an hour and a half before my fiance finally took it out of my hands and told me to stop it because I'd wear out the batteries. Stupid adults... If you're a Stars Wars fan, you should own this!

This book may very well be the least offensive talking book ever created. The sounds are hilarious, the illustrations are delightful, and everyone of every age can definitely enjoy it.

D: For my son, the wookiee
For some inexplicable reason, my toddler boy started making wookiee noises one day (we have never shown him Star Wars!). We found it so hilarious that we did them back to him. When I found this book, I knew it would be a perfect book for him. So cute and hilarious. I love the different sound bytes and the explanations for each.

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Length :

8 2/8 in.

Width :

6 7/8 in.

Thickness :

7/8 in

Batteries :

1.5V x 3; AG-13 button cell

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