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Sounds of the Past: Knights. 3D Scenes with Sounds

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From the Publisher:

Written by Clint Twist
Illustrated by Nicki Palin

Step back through history into the time of knights, where lifelike sounds and amazing pop-ups conjure the atmosphere of the age.

Find yourself face-to-face with mighty warhorses on the battlefield, revel at a lord's feast and join an eager crowd at a thrilling joust.

What's that sound?
It's a knight preparing for a jousting competition in the King's court.

Did you hear that?
It's the sound of mighty warhorses on the battlefield.

Medieval history comes to life in Sounds of the Past: Knights.
Kids will learn all about the valiant knight whose main purpose was to protect the castle.
Discover the tradition of the feast after the battle, jousting, tournaments and more in this thrilling pop-up adventure.

Educational, detailed text explains each scene so kids can learn along the way.

Ready to explore? A world of history awaits!

Silver Dolphin Books

Recommended for ages 5 years and older.
Battery replacement.

Customer Reviews
A: A unique book, very well made
I bought this book for my grandson, who turned 8, and he loves it! I bought the pirate version for another grandson, who is 6, with the same results. Even I enjoy going through the book, hearing all the realistic sounds, and seeing the bright, colorful scenes on the pictures! It's a quality book, and very unique. Every little boy should have one!. I think I'll switch, and get the 8 yr old the Pirate version and the 6 yr old the Knights version on their next birthdays!

B: Fabulous "Knights" Brings the Past to Glorious, Noisy Life
What a wonderful book! Open it up, and a cacophony of sound emerges: the rumble of battle. Turn a page, and you have the sweet melody of musicians playing at a banquet, the chatter of guests in the foreground, the clink of dishes in the background. This is a lively introduction to a slice of history, and the sound quality in it is the finest I've heard in an audio book of this type. I've bought it twice for the children of I want one for myself.

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  • Replaceable long-life batteries included.
  • Hardcover, 16 pages.
  • Panoramic view and pop-up on every page.


Length :

9 in.

Width :

11 3/8 in.

Thickness :

1 2/8 in.

Batteries :

One CR-2032, lithium battery

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$23.98 Reg.
$21.98 SALE


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