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Disney PIXAR Toy Story : Gadgets Galore

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From the Publisher:

Adapted by Jennifer Keast.

Zoom "To Infinity and Beyond!" with Wristband Adventure, a Toy Story Gadgets Galore Play-a-Sound book.

Follow along with Buzz Lightyear as he adjusts to his new home in Andy's room, braves the scary toys in Sid's room and saves Woody from the owner of Al's Toy Barn.

Toy Story Sound Book is an interactive sound book that invites children to listen to a pleasant tune as they join Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear on their latest adventure.
When Buzz finds himself captured by mean neighbor Sid, Woody and his Toy Story pals come up with a plan to save Buzz. Thanks to RC Car and Woody's quick thinking, the friends make it back to Andy's house safe.

The included wristband features 5 of Buzz Lightyear's sound buttons, including his Laser, High-Pressure Space Wings, Star Command Communicator and more!

Put it on and join Buzz on his many adventures!

Publications International, Ltd.

Recommended for ages 3 years and older.
Battery replacement.

Customer Reviews
A: Toy Story Sound Book :Wristband Adventure
I got this book/bracelet for my 5 year old grandson who recently got hooked on the movies from Toy Story. He kept asking for the Buzz Lightyear wrist communicator. I couldn't believe my good fortune in even finding one at this late date. It was an eye opener just finding Buzz and Woody on Ebay and finding they are now collectors items. Anyway, it came and he was so overjoyed with it that he asked to wear it home. Buzz and Woody stay here at Granny's house. The next morning he came in and said "Granny, I called and called Buzz last night and he never would answer me." We are having a lot of fun with Buzz, Woody AND the Wristband communicator. It also follows the story in the book and makes sounds during the story. This is a huge hit with my grandson and I would definitely recommend this to others interested in buying it. It is battery operated.

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  • Replaceable long-life batteries included.
  • Board book, 12 pages. Durable board pages prevent rips and tears.
  • Wristband stays secure around child's wrist with fabric hook-and-loop fastener.
  • Features 5 sound triggers and 6 story spreads with text and colorful illustrations.


Length :

10 in.

Width :

8 in.

Thickness :

7/8 in.

Batteries :

1.5V x 3; AG-13 button cell

Wristband strap:

6.5"L x 1.5"W

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What is a Button Sound Book?
It is a book to read, a toy to play with, and a teaching tool - all in one book.
It 's a great gift idea for your special child.
Free battery replacement with the order of three or more books!

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