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My Little Pony Interactive Sound Books

This page dedicated to My Little Pony interactive sound books!

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Discuss the importance of Friendship and Reading - Twilight Sparkle
What does it mean to be a good friend? How can reading help make a friendship more meaningful? What makes learning fun?

Help your child recognize the importance of honesty in friendship - Applejack
How does honesty make a friendship stronger? What benefits and advantages does an honest person have? Does honesty take practice? How can you practice it?

Help your child develop kindness skills - Fluttershy
Different ways you can demonstrate kindness to others... How sharing is a key component of kindness? Why kindness is an important trait in friendship?

Help your child understand the definition of loyalty and its importance - Rainbow Dash
What does loyalty mean? Why is being dependable an important trait in friendship? Introduce the concept of teamwork and loyalty...

Explore the different facets of generosity - Rarity
Why is it important to give and share without expecting anything in return? Why do we enjoy when a friend shares with us? How can you do the same? What are the different kinds of generosity in a person (giving things, giving time, etc.)?

Have fun with your child and discuss laughter - Pinkie Pie
How can brightening someone’s day have a significant impact on them? Why are “Pinkie Promises” important? Discuss the importance of finding the fun in everything and staying positive...

Free set of batteries (including three AG-13 button cell batteries with a screwdriver and replacement screw) with the order of three books or more!







My Little Pony : Dreamy Songs. A Songbook With a Pony.




My Little Pony : Dreamy Songs. Nightlight Lullaby





My Little Pony : Friends All Year. Musical Treasury





My Little Pony : Friends Forever




My Little Pony : Tea Party




My Little Pony Sound Storybook Treasury





My Little Pony: In Perfect Harmony




My Little Pony: Sharing is Caring


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Sesame Street: Happy Easter, Elmo!

Sesame Street : Elmo’s Easter Egg Hunt

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What is a Button Sound Book?
It is a book to read, a toy to play with, and a teaching tool - all in one book.
It 's a great gift idea for your special child.
Free battery replacement with the order of three or more books!

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