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Button Sound Bookstore is a unique and independent online bookseller. With access to more than one thousand titles, we offer one of the largest inventories for interactive sound books for children. Since 2003, Button Sound Book store has been dedicated to meet the needs of children and parents. Our interactive sound books are great toys for the kids with special needs. Toys that teach and promote learning while playing.

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Books of the Week

Farts A Spotters Guide is just a fun book. All different ages of people really enjoyed the humor of this book. First you will be shocked that someone would even take the time to publish such a book. Once you open your mind and flip through the pages for they're worth; that's it's pure entertainment.
Farts Around the World: A Spotter's Guide. Interactive Sound Book Farts. A Spotters guide. Interactive Sound Book Farts in the Wild: A Spotter's Guide. Interactive Sound Book

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County, P.A., has a program called "Book Buddies" where children volunteer to read to sheltered cats.

kids reading to cats

LYNDEN June 4, 2014 -- Button Sound Book Store has been selected for the 2014 Best of Lynden Award in the Book Stores category by the Lynden Award Program.
Button Sound Book Store Receives 2013 Best of Lynden Award

Free delivery to customers in Lynden & Bellingham (Washington, USA), and Surrey & Langley cities (British Columbia, Canada)

What is a Button Sound Book? It is a book to read, a toy to play with, and a teaching tool - all in one book. It 's a great gift idea for your special child.

We have wonderful collections

Playhouse Disney Children's Bookstore

PBS Kids Children's Bookstore

Nick JR Children's Bookstore

Cartoon Network Children's Bookstore

With electronic books children will learn to count with Pooh, discover a new world of Dragon Land, make words from letters with Big Bird, and learn phonics with real sound effects.

Our button interactive books teach letter recognition, alphabet sequencing, sound recognition, shapes, colors, and numbers. They introduce classical music, different musical instruments, the sounds of nature and more.

Kids learn how to use a microphone, a camera, a telephone, and how to play the piano and guitar. Button Sound Books help develop great motor skills, rhythm, language, and much more.

Young children will love to play and learn with their friends with toys that are fun, challenging and educational.

Spooky Bus. Shaped Vehicle Play-a-Sound Book

PBS Kids - Thomas and Friends: Thomas and the Telescope. Interactive Play-a-Sound Book with a telescope

PBS Kids - Sesame Street : Sing and Play Guitar Songs. Interactive Play-a-Song Guitar Songbook

Playhouse Disney - Disney Doc McStuffins: The Doc Is In. Interactive Play-a-Sound storybook with a Doctor Tools Set

Playhouse Disney - Mickey Mouse Playhouse: Iam Ready to Read. The World Outside. Play And Learn Interactive Play-a-sound Storybook

These books offer a unique opportunity to learn and grow with music. They make a great gift for your child! Remember, these books will surprise and please your child for a long-long time. Just replace the batteries and the books come alive again and again.
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